Mar 19, 2010

please accept my apologies.

hey strangers!
yes, i have been AWOL for quite some time here, and i do believe i owe you guys an explanation:

i've been reading food blogs for probably about a year or two, and i'm totally in love. i love reading what kerf puts on her oats (YUM), or what katie creates with coconut butter (my "new" discovery). when i first started baking my celiac sister's bread, i turned to karina, shauna, and natalie... they have been lifesavers! my mom and i make natalie's millet-oatmeal bread for my sister every two weeks religiously - it is fabulous! i had no idea that there was such a warm, accepting community of foodies out there. i'm honored to be a part of it!

when i first stared my blog, my favorite blogs to read were ones with daily workouts and eats... kinda lame, but i am so interested in people's unique combinations they create! these girls are geniuses! i really enjoy the simple things in life and was thrilled to be able to see other's little concoctions and how they stayed fit. naturally, i wanted to follow suit... until i had a shocking revelation -
i am not normal.

no, seriously (as if you didn't already know that!). i am not your average 20-year-old. the way i eat, sleep, and workout is very different than what the average girl does - i eat differently because of my fibro, and although i aim to eat as healthfully as possible, i am STRUGGLING with my intake right now. it's not normal, and i would never want to send that message to a healthy, normal girl. i'm not taking classes right now, and i'm on medical leave from work, so my day looks different than any of you guys. i have to schedule my workouts to limit fatigue, while maximizing muscle. fibro patients MUST exercise, even though you don't feel like moving, so my workouts are going to be differen than the average college girl!

my point is this - this blog is more than a hobby for me...
i aim to shed light and insight into a world that most of you don't have to live in.
i aim to share that victory through chronic illness is accessible!
i am to break down the stereotype of what "healthy" and "normal" is.
and most importantly, i am to make myself a resource to those who don't have answers to the scary questions life sometimes presents.

now. what will i talk about?
life is ALL new to me right now... vegetarianism, a new direction in school, workouts, etc. so i plan to use this blog to challenge myself to open up to new experiences!
i definitely still plan to show you guys some good eatin', because after all, life makes more sense in the kitchen, right!? if i find something delicious, you'd better believe i'm gonna let you know! i also plan to show you guys the process of moving forward through illness - in school, relationships, and life! and lastly, i hope to show you guys how to work fitness into your life no matter what the circumstances are.
if i can do this, you certainly can too!

what have i been noshin' on since my hiatus??
thought you'd never ask!
a few new discoveries:

review: as a new veggie, i had never had tempeh before... and was intrigued. i sliced up a fourth of the block and threw it under the broiler in the oven with a little s&p, and it was delicious! like a chewy crouton. i rarely eat soy (due to mom's cancer) but i can appreciate a good, healthy protein source when i see one. i think next i'll try it with bbq sauce!!! (for 1/2 package: 240 cals, 20 grams protein)
taste/texture/ease of use: 8/10

review: this. stuff. is. crack. seriously... whose idea was it to take the stuff inside reese cups and fill a jar with it? i love this company!!! i haven't tried any of the other flavors, yet, but the day is young. :)
taste/texture/ease of use: 10023843094394839/10. every day since i bought it, i have made a panini with wcw, cream cheese, caramel sauce, and banana for lunch... and then died happy. i could get my daily calorie needs from that meal alone. perfecion!

review: this carton contains the magic ingredient you've been missing in your smoothies. it's amazing! since i've been trying to cut down on my animal products, i don't feel like i've discovered alternatives, but upgrades! i love how you can pick your sugar level in non-dairy beverages... sweetened or not, depending on what you're making.
9/10 (it's flavor is also WAY less dominant than hemp milk.)

and a very few of my creations from last week before i lost my camera (but found it later!)
sweet 'taters, tea, and chrismas cactus.

allllllll gone :)
1/2 cup mashed sweet potatoes, cinnamon, stevia, and a splash of almond milk. heaven.

dessert oats!
1/2 c rolled oats, water, stevia, pinch salt, choc protein powder, chopped peanuts, and coconut :)


well now that we've had our little chat, i hope to get my posts back to normal! what have you all done this week?
- rebekah


  1. good heavens, you're my eating twin lately!! i've been polishing off the cinnamon raisin swirl pb. you MUST TRY! i'm going to buy the white chocolate wonderful next. the other day i made a wrap with the cinnamon raisin peanut butter, fluff, and a banana.......oh my gosh, do it!!! and i've been drinking almond milk everyday too. i pick it up if i have a coupon or if it's on sale. and alllll week i've been saying i need a damn sweet potato!!

  2. the best foods in life! i seriously cannot get enough sweet potatoes right now :)
    and my older sister RELIGIOUSLY buys the swirl pb - i will try it for sure!

  3. Sweet potatoes! Yes.

    I like the tempeh, too. I tried it before I tried tofu, and I like it better. It seems less processed.

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