Mar 14, 2010

a few eats, and product review

hello lovelies!
my computer crashed (AGAIN FIFTY THOUSANTH TIME!), so i lost a terrific post on dietary fat i had saved in a document for you guys. i will post that this week :)

how was everyone's weekend??? eat anything good?

mine was ok. i ate sushi, so how bad could it be!?

foodie review: coconut oil
first up, i HAD to share my favorite body product ever with you guys. i just recently got turned on to coconut, in body care and in food. i've been missing out!!! my lovely mother bought me some cocnut oil from wf a long time ago for my hair (when it was down to my belly button!), and i used it - once. i HATED putting thick, oily stuff in my hair and then SITTING around forever... anyone else against hair masks??? anyways, a couple of months ago i was looking for something to soothe my rough, wintery hands (thanks virginia weather) and out of desperation, i grabbed the jar and smoothed it on.


thank you whole foods for saving my skin! i use it everyday now on my hands and feet during the winter to help rough skin. the oil absorbs into your skin, but protects you for days. try it please!

now, fooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

friday night snack - homemade refried beans with jalapeno hot sauce and salsa! ole :). as my dipper, half of a leftover panera whole grain baguette (love 'em!)

om nom nom.

apparently, i was on a bean kick this weekend -

i think this was first lunch on saturday, but i lose track! bell peppers, beans, onions, tomatoes, raw almond butter... still working on that jar of nut butter!!!

made a salad for my sister... i'm the mastahh.
spinach, arugala, apple, sun dried tomatoes, crackers, carrots, mushrooms, and raisins.

snack on saturday night - strawberry-lime chai pudding!!!
frozen strawberries, chia seeds, juice from 1 lime, water, ice, stevia

because my brain is NOT FUNCTIONAL today, i can't really remember what else i ate. i had a big salad on saturday, and some sushi that wasn't earth-shattering, and a random pear.... i don't remember. sue me:)

and todayyyyyyyyyy,
i'm a really intelligent person and thought it would be cool if i went to the bathroom while i was microwaving my oats.

clearly, it was in fact, not cool.

however - the salvaged oats turned into this!

i got them twice this week! i finally finished the trader joe's raw almond butter!
you guys don't even know. it's been in the fridge for probably 2 months... steadily getting less and less. i don't move too quick through the nut butters but i really enjoyed this one! i love the wholesome taste the raw nuts gives it (how lame am i?)

to make this beauty, i used this -

raw almond butter, waldon farms caramel, 1/2 cup oats, pinch salt, stevia, vanilla, and cardamom
twas sooooo tasty... even if i did christen the microwave.
hey, my momma taught me to share.

before church, i had an egg white wrap with avocado, scallions, and spinach.
you guys, i am SOOOO on a wrap kick right now. i seriously eat two a day.

also, an apple. yes, i ate the apple, but i forgot to take a picture until this point.

oops. i'm a greedy monkey.

HEAVENLY salad for first lunch. o.m.g............
feta, strawberries (YAY SPRING!), roasted chickpeas, red onions, salt, spinach, slivered almonds, and mandarin oranges.
(see the computer in the background? my dad's in IT and was desperately trying to remedy it's stupidity. no such luck.)

second wrap for second lunch.
hello, my name is rebekah, and i'm an addict.

the green innards - spinach, onions, garlic
innards already hiding in pan - sunflower seed butter, salt and pepper, quinoa, and kidney beans

viola - she is finished.
i love the ONE defiant bean that hopped out.
you go, girl.

so, there's some of my eats. i PROMISE i will start mixing it up some... i know you guys are tired of oats, wraps, and smoothies!

weekly workouts -
this week, i got in some really good workouts. two interval runs, three days of good full body lifting, and a chill day on the stationary bike.

the plan is to up my miles GENTLY as i get back into running shape so i can do some longer runs once the weather cooperates! keep me accountable, guys!

i hope you guys had a great weekend! since this month is eating disorder awareness month, i just want to let you guys know how BEAUTIFUL it is to be different.
you know that part of your body you hate? try looking at it in new eyes. it's yours, it works, and it's unique... what could be better? NO ONE ELSE has it!

- rebekah


  1. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog :)

    What gorgeous eats you've got!

  2. Ah! I hate it when the oats overflow. But they look amazing in the end!

  3. gg - you're so welcome! i've been a lurker for a while and thought it was time to introduce myself :). and thanks!
    tess - i do too! so frustrating, especially before i've had my morning coffee.... and thanks for the compliment! i always think i make ugly but tasty food :)

  4. hahah last week i took a shower while my eggs boiled...not smart. another time i completely forgot about them (for like 30 minutes bc i was watching tv) and all the water boiled out!! i was like "WHAT THE HECK did i forget water?" and then i realized...oh.


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