Mar 8, 2010


hey everybody! i hope your monday was as... well, not like a monday as possible!

i had the best day i have in quite some time, including a pretty solid interval workout on the treadmill. AND IT WAS IN THE 60SSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! HELLOOOOOOOOO SPRING!

i hope the weather decides to stick around.. because it's so much better than snow!
you guys ready for SPRING?

food food food food food food food food food food food

since i am gonna work on my "about me" page tonight (i know you're waiting with bated breath) i will leave you all with some pictures. because after all, don't you guys read for the food porn?

oat bran with chocolate protein powder, cocoa, vanilla, and salt/stevia

second breakfast.

not bad for yogurt... but the texture of regular (non-greek) yogurt kinda freaks me out now. i'm officially a food snob.

my food log... wanna know why i log? check out "my story" page.

nooooooooooooooo it's gone!

post workout refuel.

banana, caramel sauce, coffee, vanilla, xanthan gum (to thicken... try it! just a 1/4 tsp or so)

salad for first lunch... lol i had to take a picure of how much stuff i use! my "kitchen sink salads."

tea (i'm a southern gal.) and my kss: spinach, roasted veggies from yesterday, cuke, crackers, carrot, tomato and sdtomatoes, feta cheese, pepper, and chipotle salsa!

first snack (lol... i eat a lot, ok?): broke up two fig balls from yesterday and tj's peanut butter pretzels with milk. heaven!!!

second snack: veggies in a high-protein wrap with jalapeno hot sauce.

curry roasted chickpeasssssssss and 1/2 unpictured d'jour pear. it weighed almost a pound!?!?!

and for dinnah: 1/2 sweet potato with nutmeg, s&p, and honey.

and now, i'm stuffed. for now.
hope you guys had a good one! if your curiosity gets you, check out my street cred on my new page:)
- rebekah


  1. Monday...was Monday. I love oat bran, more than oat meal! I keep a food log when I'm worried I'm not getting enough calories. I'm not really worried about that with my current diet, but I really enjoy making lists of any kind.

  2. yum! salad looks good!! :) -kyle-

  3. tess - i'm posting on my food log today to kinda explain it. i think keeping ourselves informed is always better than being mindless.

    i see you've gone mostly raw. how's that going? i eat a lot of raw but as a new mostly vegan raw is a bit intimidating to me.

    kye - thanks!!! i make one everyday :)


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