Mar 20, 2010

happy saturday!

hey beauties.
i'm absolutely wiped out today, so i'll just jot down my thoughts (hopefully cohesively!).

work it outttttt
just wanted to let you guys in on the usual workout shindig. if you're like any other healthy, american adult, you probably think chronic illness patients exercise like old people: water aerobics, physical therapy, and slow treadmillin'.

while this may be reality for a portion, thankfully, this is not true for all fibromyalgia patients. the best way i can explain it is like this:
          - some days, i have a "good" morning. the brain's clear, the energy is juuuuuuust enough, and breakfast is heavenly (as usual.).
          - some days, however, it is NOT a good day. i like to call those "rest days," because it sounds better than a wasted day (i take real rest days too, fyi).
          - some days, i have a "half" day. those days aren't marathon days, but i can do a little.

i usually schedule my week like this:
sun - lifting day (supersets between upper and lower body, abs afterwards combined with stretching)
mon - interval running (usually 10 min warmup, 15-20 mins of 1 min hard and 1 min recovery, 15 min cooldown)
tues - easy cardio day (maybe 30 minutes? until i'm done!)
wed - off/rest (usually a cooking day!)
thurs - lifting day (same format as sun, different exercises)
friday - cardio day (whatever i have left energy-wise)
sat - rest

******* this is all subjective. some days, getting out of bed just isn't happening, so obviously i'm not using what energy i do have in the gym.*******

the big difference between my workouts now and before my diagnosis is that i have had to LEARN TO LISTEN to my body! before (as a healthy, competitive athlete), i would push through workouts no matter what i felt like (no pain, no gain!). i trained for everything like this. but with fibro, you can't just "push through it" or you'll be in the bed for a week. you have to learn to tap into what is right for you - and you only. just because you see someone on t.v. running a marathon or your roommate is a bodybuilder doesn't mean that's right for you!

you will get the best results from treating your body right, no matter what other people may think. this is true for you normal kiddos too!
keep stickin' to your workouts!
- rebekah
p.s. fitbloggin guys, how's it going?

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  1. I totally agree, you really need to be in tune with your out with BOTH the mind and body, not just the mind, which can totally destroy the body.


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