Apr 24, 2010

hollaback y'all.

hey y'all - happy weekend to ya!
so i've had something heavy on my mind the last few days, but wanted to wait until i gathered my thoughts and could think rationally about it before i posted on it.

i'm sure by now some of you guys have heard or seen about the blog, hollaback health. it was started by rachel from shedding it and getting it (who is absolutely hilarious and runs an incredibly good blog... check her out). i actually joined the team to start blogging last week (my important announcement), and was pretty fired up about it.  

HBH's goal is to be a catalyst for change in the world of health blogging, which, let's be honest, could be a lot more effective than it is.

don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with having a food diary. it's your blog, your hobby. i just know if i had 10,000 followers, i'd be preaching nutrition like there's no tomorrow! that's a huge fan base, and an equally huge opportunity to change the way america eats.

imagine if Oprah didn't do charity work - see the missed opportunity there?
that's how i view blogging for health. not knocking daily eats blogs. i just want MORE.

soooooo why did i leave hollaback health???
let me start off by saying i'm not here to mug-sling. i was honored to be invited in to a great group of bloggers, especially since my blog's such a baby!

honestly, while i completely embrace HBH's mission, i couldn't get behind the attitude i felt it portrayed. if the point of the group is to spark change, i don't think knocking the few good examples we do have is the way to go.
no offense to those in the group - i just have a different passion/goal for my little blog. those are just my thoughts. i didn't feel comfortable posting for what i can't stand behind 100%. i think miss gracie felt the same way... 

all that to say,
i started this blog because i have passion for health. it defines our lives! but health is more than what you put in your mouth. it involves all areas of life - food, exercise, self-image, goals, actions, and thoughts. that's what i have been preaching here, and that's what i will continue to preach. i started this blog to not only encourage me, but to encourage you guys! so whether i'm part of a blogging group or not, i will not stop until i do all i can to change the way america views health.

in other news,
- please excuse my comment box. it's on the fritz, but i emailed the company to rescue me. it'll hopefully be back to normal next week!
- also, i plan to try making my own sushi next week!!! stay tuned :)


- rebekah

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