May 11, 2010

perfect timing.

sometimes, god gives us little pick-me-ups on days we're just hanging on by a thread.

and yesterday was one of those days.
i had a much-dreaded doctors appointment that, unfortunately, went worse than i was expecting.
nothing life-altering happened... it was just really unpleasant. so when i got home, i crashed hard. seriously, it completely wore me out. i didn't really leave the couch until i went to bed.

but guess what i found on my porch last night during one of the fifty times i got up for food?

jessica from healthy exposures can apparently predict the future, because her timing in sending this package couldn't have been more perfect!

she is too generous, y'all.
after i almost peed myself over some naturally nutty white chocolate coconut peanut butter she used in one of her heavenly bowls of oats, jess was kind enough to send some my way!

jess also sent me this bar from her co-op. it's made by a local company, back home again cafe.
i had to taste-test it before i went to bed last night, and i almost fainted from excitement...

reason number two she must be psychic?
i kid you not, this bar tasted just like the inside of a fig newton - MY FAVORITE SNACK EVER.
i haven't had one in years because of the hydrogenated oils in them, but when i bit into this, i was taken back instantly. i seriously sounded like a cow in heat savoring that little bite. the rest of it doesn't stand a chance today... bwahaha.

you just really can't beat figs and almonds... except with white chocolate coconut peanut butter.
maybe. it's a close tie. i won't lie, i've spent a good amount of time lusting over the naturally nutty webpage, hopelessly dreaming of what i could do with their nut butters.
...and whadda ya know, this morning, i had an impressively large dollop on my oats.

but how good was it?

... almost that good.

girl, you are amazing! thank you so much!
i anticipate the pb showing up in breakfast every day.
if you guys haven't hopped over to her little blog, please do so!
(i've blogged about how incredible she is before...)

and she doesn't know it, but i'm jealous of her for 3 reasons:
1. she is one of the ONLY people who can rock a nose ring.
2. she takes pictures that look like they're from a pottery barn catalog.
3. she rides horses... and i'm TERRIFIED of horses. maybe one day i will conquer that fear?

finnnnnallllllly, a random but note-worthy snack.

1/2 an avocado, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, garlic powder, ground pepper, red pepper flakes, and chopped heirloom tomatoes on 3 wasa crackers.

have you guys done any blogger swaps?
would you like to???


  1. aww she was so sweet to send you that! :)

  2. I'm so glad it was perfect timing and you liked it :) You're seriously too sweet - I'm almost tearing up over here! I hope you're feeling better today, though.
    And I'm glad you liked the bar!! I was nervous because I'd never tried that flavor before (when I saw it I was surprised - I'd only ever seen the original peanut ones! don't worry - you weren't the guinea pig, I was just behaving myself, haha) and have offered them to friends who sort of cringe in a "why are you feeding me a bar that is the color of the grass we're standing on?" look, haha. (the original ones are greener)

    And I think you should definitely give your horse fear a kick out the door ;) Though I understand why - sometimes I question what I'm doing on top of a 1,000 pound animal who is more afraid of a garden hose than the explosions from the slate quarry down the road...

  3. i should totally look into blogger swaps- love the idea! awe but how great was Jess! and yea def. perfect timing. sorry the doctors appointment was draining! ive had my share of exhausting, frustraiting, and sometimes degrading visits.. thankfully ive found a good doctor after weeding through a few jerks lol.


  4. Your random but note-worthy snack looks DELICIOUS and incidentally totally gorgeous. I'll eat anything with avocado. Or cottage cheese. Or hot pepper flakes!

  5. Sorry about your appointment!! Isn't Jess so amazing?! We did a package swap like a month ago and she gave some kick-arse delicious finds! ... and you are so right about her pics and noserings :P And I made that nutbutter I told you about and it is amazing. I will definitely be making another batch maybe send you and jess some. Sometimes I wish bloggie friends lived closer, than oatmeal and nutbutter parties would be had. Anywho hope today goes better for you!

  6. I agree that figs and almonds are a match made in heaven- last night I made a wrap with figs and almond butter! Soo good! I'm sorry to hear you had a rough night but I'm glad Jessica's awesome package cheered you up. That nut butter looks PHENOMENAL. As does that body. =P
    I think blogger swaps are a great idea, I've never done one though!

  7. Sorry your appointment sucked so bad, but glad you had something to cheer you up. I've never done a blogger swap, but I'd love to. Not sure what we have around here (no whole foods or anything) that anyone else would want.

  8. Jess is the best, isn't she? Love that girl.

    So sorry your doc's appointment was a poo-fest! But at least you took care of yourself right when you got home.

    I love blogger swaps, even though I am postage challenged haha!

  9. ahaha yay twins! i LOVE anything cinnamon and maple!!! I just got a waffle maker so my waffle making concoctions in my head can finally be executed aha. I would love to do a little swaparoo with you, and I will give you some homemade is to die for. Maybe something from tj's too. I am sure you are a dynomite cook people just need to have confidence in their cooking ;)

  10. You deserved it angel!
    And you know how to brighten up other peoples day as well, never forget that ;)
    Now I am going to sit back, relax and take some time to decide wether the kitten or the hunk is best to look at.
    Ah, busy day, indeed.

    Hugs =)

  11. HEY GIRL!
    ahhh that was soo sweet of her! coconut in PB sounds AMAZING!! oh my goodness!! I missed you girl!!! Thank you for your SWEET support!


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