May 12, 2010

today is may 12th.

and i thank god that most of you will never have to deal with it, but today is national fibromyalgia awareness day.

if you are bored or have a second, would you mind reading a bit about it? i had never even heard of fibromyalgia until a year ago, and since then, it has flipped my world upside down. you can check out my experience here.

fibro is not a life-threatening condition, so it doesn't get the press AIDS or cancer gets, but it is a life-changing diagnosis. if you know anyone who has fibromyalgia, give them a hug for me!


  1. I didn't know it had a day!
    I'd heard of it for a while before I was diagnosed because my sister's friend also has it (WAY worse than I do, too) but I didn't really understand it until I had to go through it. Sending a hug your way. :)

  2. I've read about fibromyalgia and my heart goes out to those who have it. I can't even imagine what I would do if diagnosed with that. You seem to deal with this like a hero and for that you are a huge inspiration. :)

    PS. You're definitely not the only one who posts pictures of sexy half naked guys! I saw the one you posted and highly approve. We should do this more often. ;)

  3. actually i do know someone suffering with this. they'll be happy to hear that a blog is supporting it! ima give them a huggie for u for sure. thanks love <3

  4. You are amazing for raising awarenes about this. i can't imagine what it would be like to deal with it. you are so strong!

  5. *awareness!
    hate spelling errors :)

  6. Thanks for spreading the word about this Rebekah!!!

  7. Thank you for giving us this link.
    After reading about it, my respect for you just kind of..skyrocketed?
    You are a champion, and I admire you.
    It is so important to spread awareness of different conditions, as they do affect a lot of people.

  8. Girl you are so strong! And great for bringing awareness to a "unknown to many people" disease go you! Anyways send me your address in an email to WEEEENOHANDS@GMAIL.COM. I made you some freshhhh maple cinnamon almond pb butter today! annd if you have any request from TJ'S (don't know where you live :P)I'll pick a few things nothing extravagant of course! I made the most delicious vegetarian/vegan chili today it was amazing sweet and first then you get the spicy kickkk..i might need to post the recipe.
    have a wonderful day!


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