Jun 10, 2010

veggin' out.

on the menu tonight:

- this veggie burger recipe (except i can never leave well enough alone, so instead of almonds, i used up the last of my pumpkin seeds, added cumin, cayenne pepper, and a small homegrown jalepeno, and subbed in 1/2 a small vidalia onion for the shallots. no big thang.)

- chu-chu-chu-cheetahs! about an hour at 400*, seasoned with s + p.

- aaannndd some unphotoed frozen veg... photo cred.

easy and nutrient rich... like cookies, right?!

did you guys know lentils have the highest protein content of any legume?
there's freakin' 9 grams in a 1/2 cup serving. yeahhh vegheads :)

what'd YOU eat tonight?

p.s. - lisa is having the best giveaway i've ever seen! i'm really crossin' my fingers on this one.


  1. Your dinner looks like it was a major success. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night but I just finished eating a roasted veggies alongside a wrap that contained tofutti, dijon mustard, spinach, and cucumbers. Sooo good.

    PS. I saw in your last post that you are sick! Get better soon, buttercup!

  2. the veg burgers look great - def a winner dinner ;) i have a hard time leaving things alone, too. and i didn't know lentils had tons of protein until a couple weeks ago when i first cooked with them! i was surprised - i think because i didn't realize they were a legume, and thought of them as a grain.
    hey, don't laugh. we all start somewhere, right? haha

  3. Looove cheetahs! And I had no idea about lentils being so proteinlicious. Even more reason to eat them!

  4. Coincidentally, I had lentils tonight! I made a lentil salad with a ton of veggies and some homemade dressing, it was awesome. I love lentils...and all beans for that matter. They are my main source of protein (along with amazing grass and vega powder).

  5. veggie burgers with sweet potatoes and big serving of veggies :) wh ydo u tempt me so much lol. i know im def. using up the rest of my sweet potatoes tonight!! <3

  6. oh HEY can i come over for dinna?!?!
    love burgers and fries!!!


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