Jul 21, 2010

10 things.

good morning all!

i slept more "normal" last night (praise God!), and am hopeful the trend continues :)

this is a random post, but some time ago i got nominated for an award... i think it was this one?

i'm not super... um, responsible, and had totally forgotten about it until i read Amanda's incredible answers! seeing as how my answers would pale in comparison (um...drag racing?!), i thought i would put a different spin on my responses. how typical of me, no?

instead of simply 10 facts about me (because you'd be sleepin' soon after!), i hereby present to you:

10 things i would never admit to on a first date, but have no problem sharing with my blog friends!

yeah, i'm goin' there.

1. i've been known to do yoga on a bed sheet, in my parent's bed room. why a bed sheet, you ask?

simple. i'm poor. yoga mats cost money. so bed sheet it is... although i plan on getting one of these someday! they're an eco-friendly company, and they plant a tree when you buy one! double score.

2. when i'm done with my gum and i'm driving, i make it a little contest with myself to see how far i can spit it out the window (if i'm at a stoplight).

don't laugh! i'm surprisingly powerful for being a little pipsqueak.

 and yes... i've gotten a few stares. i should probably grow out of that habit... not as endearing from a grown woman as a 5-year-old, right?

3. there are two reasons why i go to my local gym: one is to strength train, and the other is to read magazines.

plenty of workouts, i've done 15 extra minutes of cooldown, just to finish a Shape, Oxygen, or something like that.

i get women's health and it's ok and stuff, but all the variety at the gym is so enticing! no shame.

however, i cannot stand gossip magazines. i fully believe they rot your brains. if you see me reading, rest assured it will be: a blog, a book, or a magazine of substance. thank you.

4. this one is obvious, but could be considered unorthodox, i suppose... as y'all know, i am passionately committed to the blog. it's a huge part of my purpose. i feel so blessed to be able to experience your victories, your sorrows, and your challenges "along side you." i value this space, and the community with it, as one of my most prized posessions.

so naturally, i'm a bit defensive if someone teases me about it. also, i talk about you guys like you're  right here with me in VA. my mom and i often have at-length discussions about something on "so-and-so's blog," or she asks what i'm posting on/reading/writing today.

strange? i think not.

5. i hate baseball. it's hot/humid/rainy, the little kids are ceaselessly obnoxious, and everyone inevitably spills their beer. the end.

this may be an underlying factor behind why i don't get dates.... maybe. i could be wrong.

6. i hate deodorant. it's slimy, it gets on your clothes no matter how you try to dance and shimmy your arms, and it looks disgusting.

i suck this one up, though, and i still wear it. just incase you were wondering :)

7. much to the chagrin of my ex-boyfriends, dad, and little brother, i am always "that girl" when we go to out to eat.

yes, i know i'm annoying, but i try my darndest to quickly and respectfully order my dressing on the side, substitute fruit/salad for fries, and swap white bread for wheat.

i know it's girly and yada yada yada, but it's my money and i feel better when i eat that way.

8. i love being different, really. i love surprising people. i love breaking the mold.

i have funky, pixie hair. i rock the androgyny of wearing heels and skirts with my runner's legs. i am continually enamoured with my tattoo (soon to be plural!) and how it highlights my strong, but feminine arms. i usually wear no makeup, yet my body still screams "girl!!!"

but sometimes, i feel like i attract more attention than i'm comfortable with. maybe it's just my imagination, but plenty of times i feel kinda like... everyone is looking at me. i know i'm quirky, but i still get self-conscious, ya know?

just because i rock a mohawk doesn't mean i'm fearless.

9. i am paralyzed by heights.

yes friends, i admit: elevators, airplanes, and tall buildings scare the begeezes out of me.

no, i will not go bungee jumping/skydiving/bouldering with you. truly sorry.

the only exception? after swimming since age 7, i am totally comfortable with heights... above water. strangely enough, i've been parasailing, cliff diving, and done plenty of backflips off the high divingboard, and they were some of my most awesome life experiences.

10. last, but certainly not least, i do not wear thongs. ever. 

my teenage years of foolishness are over, and so are they. i don't do butt-floss.

now, with that lovely mental image of my buttcrack so fresh in your minds, i have a very important question for you super-bloggers.

should i get twitter? i don't even know how to use it! technology and i maintain a strained relationship, at best.

do you guys tweet a lot?
is it a good way to stay in touch?
what would you never admit to on a date?
- rebekah


  1. My friend is a jade yoga mat distrubutor and she sells them for $40. Email me and I can give you the info.

    And yes, you should get twitter. I love it because you get to see a different side of people that you would never get by reading their blogs or whatever. If you join, follow me @honoringhealth :D

  2. Loved getting to know more about you, girl! I used to be the same way with spitting gum out the window, but then I stopped chewing gum, so I can't do that anymore :( I still have the occasional cherry/watermelon seed spitting contest with myself, though ;) And I think it's so sweet that you talk to your mom about bloggers. I do this too! There's nothing wrong with being committed to blogging, especially when you do it so beautifully <3

    I'm not sure what kind of advice to give you on the whole Twitter thing, because I'm kind of in the same boat. I don't have it, and I'm not sure if I should get it or not. It seems like a pretty good way to stay in touch and get to know people better, but it also seems like one of those things that could get way too addictive way too quickly... I'd probably always be on it!

  3. I'm with you on gossip mags...yeesh! And thongs.

    Sarah x

  4. Rebekah, if you love love love your blog (as you should) then you need to get on twitter. You will extend your reach and audience x a bazillion, and will also be able to tap into a lot of really amazing opportunities. Now, I thought twitter was just about the stupidest thing on the planet BUT once I buckled down and just worked with it, it changed eeeeverything. Plus I want to be your twitter friend. My one warning - don't be discouraged. Twitter can suck at first. I wrote a myriad of posts about how it made me feel like the total loser in highschool all over again, but then magically it all turns around. good luck! xo.

  5. Yep, you should definitely get Twitter!! It's fun and a great place to vent random things. LOL

  6. LOL about the thongs! I cant NOT wear thongs!! I know- im weird!

  7. Not sleeping is horrible!! Im a regular there :( And yeah, gossip mags are like evil cliquish highschool bullying ("whos got cellulite?, whos cheating on whom?, whos losing their house??!!!!) Horrible voyeurism-

  8. hahaha twins much ?!

    -I am so that girl when dining out too !
    -SPRAY deodorant is my life so much easier and less messy I would be nowhere without it.
    -and I have never worn a thong nor do I ever plan too wear butt floss
    -and I was opposed to twitter at first but have grown too like you will too!!
    -and I so am afraid of heights and especially rides with heights >.<

  9. yes--you should get twitter. I used to think I never wanted it but know I love it.

    I think you need to post a full body pic so I can see your rockin style!

    and I loved learning more about you!

    hmm..I hate perfume! gives me headaches!

  10. I loved your 10 things! I'm "that-girl" at restaurants too and while it sometimes does annoy people, I don't care anymore. What I want and what I feel is healthier for me.. well, that's all that matters. :)

    Get twitter! I've been thinking about getting it too. We could be twitter newbies together. ;)

  11. Liked this post. :)

    I always spit my gum out the window too. Interestingly, I am hugely against litter of any kind but I think gum is littering for some reason. Don't know why, lol :) Except in Paris when I found it stuck all over the old architecture, THAT bothered me.

    My confession is that I think thongs are more comfortable than regular underwear! So opposite there... ;)

  12. I mean I think gum is NOT littering***

    Why do I always type things wrong?

  13. haha! That was so much fun to read! Love your spikey hair do, it's fabulous + makes me want to take a step and get a new cut on mai mid-length locks.

    GUM: before I spit mine out, my hubby asks me to shoot it (out of my mouth) for him, and he kicks it as far as possible. He has hit cars in the Best Buy parking lot, and sometimes completely misses. It's super silly.

    !!! Asking for wheat instead of white, would they do that anywhere? That'd be a dream!

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  14. hehe, I love your quirky personality ;) I'm pretty sure you'd be a perfect neighbor, actually, so get your butt up here! :P
    I think it's awesome that your mom asks about your blog & blogging, too.
    (...and I also don't have a yoga mat! ...yet.)

  15. Hi Rebekah. I've been a little preoccupied lately so I haven't been blogging, but reading about how much this blog means/does for you is definitely encouraging me to get back to it.
    And the last part about 'buttfloss' had my dying LOL.
    Take care<3


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