Aug 25, 2010

the bottom line.

happy humpday friends!

today was seriously an awesome day. i ordered a new running band for my ipod,
got my tattoo (!!!),

bad picture... it's a bit hard to take one on the back of your dominant arm!

talked on the phone with the beautiful christie,

and got birthday presents in the mail!

can i just say how exciting today was!?!?

sometimes i just have to stand back and take it all in... i am so blessed, you guys. so much more than i deserve!

i can't wait to dive headfirst into those books... i've been wanting them forever, but wouldn't buy them for myself! college is expensive, you know?

for those of you who have the books, what recipes do you love?


i feel like i should have mentioned this yesterday, but better late than never, right? i want to share what i consider the most important facet of our diets: putting them in perspective.

from yesterday's comments, it seems the general consensus is that there are distinct kinds of eaters: vegans/vegetarians, and meat-eaters. while this might be technically true, i want to propose a different outlook.

eating isn't meant to be meat versus veggies. i see it as eaters pursuing information we deserve to know!

i don't think veganism is perfection, and i certainly don't see meat as sinful! i think sometimes we get caught up in technicalities of our diets (do you eat eggs? milk? raw? organic?) and totally miss the big picture: really, we're all just people trying to be healthy!

i cast no judgement on anyone, no matter what they eat. instead, i see them as almost a "comrade" in this fight to live as best we can. i see us as one body of people trying to do the best we can with what we know to be true.

it's absolutely shameful how much the food industry keeps from us: details about slaughtering, chemical additives, and processing of our foods that can be detrimental, or at least impact our health. that's where our fight is.

if you feel guilty for still not being "perfect" in your diet, take heart! i'm certainly no better than anyone else, and there's no such thing as eating perfectly. life is about progress, not perfection. we're all in the same boat! 

when i post on things i've learned or my point of view, it doesn't mean i'm criticizing someone who doesn't eat that way - it's the only way i know how to get the word out on things we all deserve to know.

up tomorrow?
how to decode food marketing, such as free-range, organic, natural, humane, etc.

thoughts? let's talk this out in the comments, y'all!


  1. Love that tattoo girlie!! I agree with the meat/veggie statement. For example my dad rarely eats fruit and veggies but bread and meat he consumes in mass amounts. Also it bugs me when people say "where do you get your protein without meat" ... umm hello Where do you get your fiber :P. Anyways I have read veganomicon it is so good!! don't have any specific reccomendations, want to get/read veganomicon! And I just got THRIVE and am loving it so far :). Awesome prezzies! So far I made some figgy raisin hemp bars :) and the cookies just need to make the filling, will send em out saturday :D

  2. Rebekah! I LOVELOVELOVE YOUR TATTOO! I'm jealous. :D

    I don't judge others either when it comes to their foods choices.. well, not really. Although I eat 99% vegan, I don't judge those that eat dairy or meat. All I wish is that they would educate themselves more! Like, look at where your dairy comes from! Look where your meat comes from! Look at what gets added to it! So many people just seem to not even care and it honestly breaks my heart.

  3. I love your food philosophy. I discussed veganism with a friend of mine recently and we also came to the conclusion that we shouldn't pass judgement on what people eat to feel good, but at the same time it's so, so important to uncover the truth behind what we're eating. I'm not vegan (getting there, it seems) but I do choose to eat animal products less and less since learning the facts.
    I think that this type of thinking could actually influence others to choose more wisely and responsibly. And feel good doing so.
    I love your tattoo!! And your hair. Why are you so amazing. Is there meaning behind it the tat?

  4. Sweet tat! You going to explain it to me?

  5. hey guys!

    i actually wrote a post about my tattoo here:

  6. Just want to tell you that I love your tattoo. It's beautiful and I think the meaning behind is is uber-powerful. I have a very small tatoo on my left hip that actually means... wait for it... nourishing the soul! People still ask me (almost 10 years) later if I regret getting it and I tell them... hell no! Glad that you're feeling strong and blessed in your new year.

    And in terms of a comment to your discussion of putting diets in perspective - I'm going to post on it I think. You've given me a lot to think and talk about.

  7. What does your tatoo symbolize? I too just want to be healthy. I believe there are farms out there that are really humane and enviromentally friendly. My mom has her own chickens for free range eggs (they really are free range), she will also be letting me raise a hog on her land and I am getting a quarter of her cow. But until the pork and the beef are ready, I am striving to find farms with good practices. For the first time I have researched the farms I am getting my meat from! I am still on the hunt to actually find fish that isn't farm fed-raised. WHo wants a fish that eats corn? Yucky. I don't really eat a lot of meat and I try to limit it to 2-3 times per week (all meals combined). We just don't need that much. But I think Micheal Pollan has it best: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. I chant that to myself every now and then.

  8. Just emailed you girl!

    Omigosh, I love your posts. Seriously.

    First, your tattoo looks beautiful. And I can tell how happy and proud you are in that picture and that is even MORE beautiful!

    Second, I totally hear you on the food industry. I actually think eating meat is perfectly natural if you want to eat it! However, I think that the way that 95% of our country's meat is produced is NOT OKAY. How they raise and eat cow in say, China, is WORLD's away from how we do things in the US. One way I see as part of the circle of life and the other I see as a sick and twisted byproduct of greed and ignorance.

    That being said, if someone chooses to eat meat, plums, escargot, I don't judge! Who made me the authority on other people's diets? I wouldn't want someone to judge how I eat.

    Whoa, didn't mean to get preachy or anything, just my thoughts!

  9. Love your tat love!

    I have the same band for my ipod, love it!

    Personally, i'm trying to think less and less about 'eating healthy' and trying to just let my cravings and body take over. I put to much 'thinking' into my eating and it becomes too controlled.. The amount, the type of food, the time, etc. I just want to learn to eat what im craving until im satisfied, whenever. that would be the healthiest way for me to live, im sure of it. I just havent figure out how to do it just yet.

    Dana xoxo

  10. I can't wait till we meet up tomorrow! Your tattoo looks awesome! Don't wear the new armband over it ;) Speaking of, let me know how that works out for you because I'm looking for a new one.

    ALSO those books are awesome! Well, I've never read the ED&BV, but I've heard great things. Thrive is such an incredible book and I learned so much from it + I've developed a crush on Brendan Brazier. And Veganomicon has some really great recipes! I have some that I made on my blog that you can check out if you search the title of the book :D

    I was talking about organic things with some friends yesterday. I love the idea of it because it's just back to basics but I think there's a whole industry that's totally exploiting it. And yes I give into it because I do need things that are out of convenience and I do want things that are easier and healthier for me. But I don't think we are helpless either in being a part of movement.. a positive one you know? Which is why I love your posts because they are informative and they also ask people to question and recognize their own beliefs. That's so important!



  11. I'm just catching up on posts, so happy birthday..a little late? I guess I'll find out as I catch up on those posts!


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