May 28, 2010

school, celebration, and sweets.

hey guys - i'm so impressed with your running experiences! you guys are amazing and have it together way more than i do. so never give up!

earlier in the week, i got my acceptance letter as a transfer into VCU's public health education program! i blogged about when i applied, but never filled you guys in on anything concrete.

i'll be there for sure in august... and i feel so blessed after all this to be able to go back :)

i might just graduate before i'm 50!

my lovely boy is taking me to celebrate at one of richmond's best eats, edo's squid.

ok, don't freak out - they do serve squid, but they also make the best italian food in virginia! incredible soup, fresh fish, and pasta like you wouldn't believe, and i don't even like pasta. i'm sure these lovely two have been... they can back me up!

so naturally, what did i do to celebrate?

made candy, of course!

sweet, salty, frito candy...? well, we had an abandoned bag of fritos in our pantry (my 16-year-old brother apparently moved on. the horror.), and it was begging me to bake with it. strange? it didn't seem so at the time, no. so bake i did!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmyword. it's like saltine toffee candy ON CRACK! i'm not normally a sweets person, but a few bites of this and i was in heaven (or sugar high. same difference?). i just didn't add the peanuts on top just because i didn't have them... next time!

please head on over to the amazing anna's blog at cookie madness if you're interested in the recipe (which is where the picture is from, too, because i was too lazy). this woman is a goddess, y'all. i want to make everything she's posted!

and i'm still buzzin'.
this is what happens when you turn an avid sugar-avoider loose in the kitchen with good news, i guess... chocolate chip cookies, coconut brownies, banana cookiesbrownie cookies, lemon curd trifle, birthday cake... i cannot be trusted! i just love to bake for other people when i'm excited.

anything new with y'all? let's celebrate :)
- rebekah


  1. CONGRATS on the public health program! That's awesome. And frito candy?! I've had that saltine toffee stuff (my aunt makes it every christmas. LOVE IT) but this is a whole new ballgame! I totally want to try some. Keep on celebrating girl!

  2. Ai, again : you are a-a-amazing.
    And it made me smile so huuuge to read that you got accepted at VCU. You deserve it, and I know you will do great.
    I wish you could spend some time in my kitchen, just baking and making some stuff that we could put in the freezer and enjoy later, haha! ;)

    Nothing new under the beautiful sun here. Or, one thing : I have found one subject that I so want to take this fall, and you know what? I will make it. I will be healthy enough so that I can once again dive into the anthropologian world.

  3. congrats on getting in! and i think that was kind of cool to not really mention it until u secured the acceptance.. which of course u got in cuz ur amazing!

    omg how i would love to look to the sky and have candy fall on my face lol. id just make sure to have my umbrella so i can turn it inside out and collect it all haha <3

  4. Congratulations! Both of my parents went to VCU, and I think my uncle and aunt did as well (my uncle definitely did and I think he met my aunt in college but I forget haha) so I hear it's quite nice. :)

    I got held back in 8th grade because of all the fibro shiz, so I'll be your age the fall of my first semester of college. Yay. o.O

  5. congrats!!! That is awesomeeee. I know I am definitely not graduating on time either ahaha transferring and not getting some credits suckss. Hey atleast we will hopefully be making a difference in peoples health!! you with public health, me with nutrition. Go usssss. Nothing exciting going on over here ... partying it up with my textbook getting my study on for my birthday. That restaurant you went to sounds fab. Me too I love baking! but dont like sweets so I love making other people things.

  6. that's so awesome you got accepted! good for you!! you will graduate! :) :)


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