Aug 29, 2010

hey there stranger.

well, i don't have much to say for myself. twice i've promised you a wonderful post, and twice i've gone A.W.O.L.

do you guys ever have something terrible happen, then dive into distractions so you're too busy to be heartbroken? yeah... i've sorta been collecting those experiences for a while. in the last few days, i started to realize what i was doing (like i did in high school), and knew i had to face myself at some point. why not just get it over with?

but to be honest? it's been a terrible, scary, and emotional last few days, but i'm finally edging towards peace. i'm finally letting god heal those scars left from losing my best friend, the fear of the unknown, and my crippling loneliness. i'm finally accepting i'm not strong enough to hold it all together, but i don't have to be.

am i planning on writing that post on factory farming terms? why yes, yes i am. that's for sure.

but not today.

instead, i want to enourage you to be kind to yourself. give yourself have time to heal, to mourn, and to learn. you can't help anyone else if you don't take care of yourself first!

thanks for being patient with me, friends, and i seriously can't thank you guys enough for your support and sweet words. i light up each time i get a comment because i know it's going to be so encouraging!

so for the third time, i'll be back!


  1. Girl no worries, Nobody is 100% everyday, everyone has some down days!! Just plug along and expect a package in the mail soon :)

  2. Take care of yourself, your heart and your soul Rebekah. You are precious, and important. You are worthy of love, happiness and health - and you will experience that.
    Sometimes we try to trick ourself, desperately trying to convince ourself that we have dealt with experiences and pain, that we have succeeded in moving on. That is not allways true, emotions and experiences can come knock us down when we don't expect it, demanding us to once again work our way through them.
    Do that, listen to the voices inside of you. Feel the pain, the frustration, the loneliness. Accept they are a part of you, accept the stinky fact that you got your heart broken because you really cared about this person. Don't try to be tough and put on a brave face if you really miss him. Rather work on how to build a new life with this change of relationship. Find peace and pride in being you, because you are great.

    This turned into a rambling, but I care so much about you and wish I could help heal your wounds. You are in my heart night and day, regardless of wether you write a blog-post or not. That does not matter, all I want is for you to feel sunshine and peace.

    Big hug <3

  3. I think that it's amazing that you're facing down those emotions with PEACE. It's the most powerful of all healing mechanisms. Hold onto the peace that you're cultivating and never let it go.


  4. Take your time Rebekah, your inner healing is infinitely more important than any post. I'll always be here if you need to talk. <3

  5. i always appreciate your tips for us to remember to value our bodies and beings <3 You're amazing, simple AMAZING!!

    the strength from faith and feeling grounded in your beliefs can truly help you ride through any storms. i know ur an incredibly tough girl and to make it through all the shit you have been through is proof of that. hang in there through this emotional wave <3

  6. It's amazing how your posts always come at the right moment for me. I'm also struggling with trying to let myself process emotions and give myself time to do that. Thanks for the reminder to be kind to myself. Thinking of you!

  7. Hey there beautiful! I am so glad that we finally got to meet yesterday :) I am even happier that you're listening to yourself right now. All of your friends will understand, and we're all here for you! So don't hesitate to reach out, girlie!


  8. Keep being strong! You are such a model for other people who need you, people like me...

  9. I've learned that this community of bloggers is really just that. I used to worry that if I skipped a post, I would be letting my readers down. But the truth is, we'll all be here when you get back! Take all the time you need.

  10. I needed this post today. I've really been forgetting to be kind to myself lately and not feed my anxieties and the shoulda, coulda, woulda's that dominate my brain 90% of the time. Thank you.

    Do what you have to do to take care of yourself too girl.

  11. Awww. :( You feel better, now. <3

    Take your time, and I know your posts will be amazing. :)

  12. Take your time pretty girl. <3 Feel better. Sending love.

  13. hang in there! ::hugs:: one day at a time


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