Sep 23, 2010


hey rebekah, don't you have a blog?
... oh yeah. oops.

hey friends! long time no see.

although you may have been concerned i fell off the face of the earth (logical conclusion sarah-mae!), rest assured i did not. i didn't really have intentions of abandoning you, i swear. and i've been slowly working my way through my google reader! i think i'm in the 400s now... oy vey.

in the last few weeks, i've been blessed beyond what i ever could have imagined: i went back at school (finally!), got plugged in to a new church i absolutely adore, and have started making incredible new friends. i've studied for challenging classes, worked a church yard/bake sale (thanks for the suggestions!), and met girls for coffee. i've hiked riverside trails in the crisp, fall air. i've laughed, cried, and went on a fabulous lunch date with my mom and sister. and praise jesus, we finally got a new blender! my raw vegan heart rejoices.

really, i'm incredibly, amazingly thrilled with life. 

with exquisite beauty, however, there always comes unavoidable pain. for the last month or so, i've been up well before 4 a.m., struggled to keep food down, battled lonely, depressing days, limped from fibro pain, gotten runner's knee, and haven't ditched this stinkin' headache yet.

i'm still been facing some other pretty testy health issues, too. after going off the pill again, i'm still cycle-free (anyone have a solution to this?!?), and discovered i may not be the one lucky fibro patient without IBS... sigh/burp.

ok, so you're still with me? good. because of all these changes, i'm not really sure what the next few months will look like for me.

i'm kinda at a loss concerning the blog. over the summer, i had so many things i was dying to blog about: accepting our bodies, why i cut my hair, exercising efficiently, food labeling, and animal-free eating, to name a few.

i blogged on bad days, good days, and busy days. i couldn't wait to hop online and channel my passions into a post, hoping to encourage just one person to keep on keepin' on in their healthy lifestyle. but things change, and right now, i feel stuck.

i'm not the same person i was a year ago (phew!), and i'm not sure how the blog will follow that. after spending years researching nutrition and wellness and finally regaining positive body image (most days), i couldn't imagine blogging about much else! i actually still have a few post topics lined up when i'm ready to pull out more tidbits of trivia from this crazy brain of mine.

honestly? life is just different for me now. in case it hasn't been obvious in my posts, let me be transparent: i've sort of gone through a life overhaul in the last year or so. thankfully, i no longer waste my time on abusive relationships, distractions that numb emotional pain, or reckless friday nights "just because it's fun." i wish i could take credit for it, but everything really has been God working in me. seriously y'all, i'd be passed out in a drug-induced stupor in a ditch somewhere if it weren't for God's grace.

do i still love learning about health, exercise, food, and body image? you bet! but i guess my motives aren't in the same place. my priorities have changed.

now i'm rambling, and i don't know where i plan on taking the blog from here, but i do know this: anything i post i want to be straight from my heart to yours. i'm not as concerned with information anymore as i am concerned with people. this means my posts will be different, and i'm totally fine with that. if i post, i want to post on life: what God's been teaching me, lessons i've learned dealing with chronic illness, something that has cheered me up, recipes i've swooned over, and details from a body image workshop i'm taking at school.

i hope this doesn't alienate anyone. i love answering your questions and researching things with y'all more than anything, so shoot ideas/questions/comments for future posts my way!

y'all cool with that?


  1. glad to see you back! i wish i had the answers about the pill. i went off it a couple years ago, couldn't cycle for almost a year and my hormones were crazy so i switched from yaz and went onto ortho-tri-cyclen. i have no side effects on it and i feel normal again (i'm gluten intolerant and my doc says one of the issues that can accompany that is abnormal menses) i know a lot of people view the pill as a super awful thing but that's the only med i'm on so i'm ok with it for now. i would like to stay on it for 10-15 more years lol

  2. Certainly doesn't alienate me. The beauty of blogging, in my humble opinion, is that is a constantly evolving process. It's not stagnant like a book once it's published. It can grow and change with you. I hope that you keep blogging because I think your writing is beautiful and inspiring, but it doesn't matter to me what you write about - as long as, as you say, it comes from your heart. So glad you've found so many wonderful things in your life recently!

  3. about the pill, after having my ed a while and being underweight when I got to a normal weight for period never came back so I had to go to agyno and be put on the pill. So now I take loseasonique and get it 4 times a year. This doesnt really help you though lmao. AND YAY FOR A NEW BLENDER!!

  4. I for one am excited about these new posts. I stopped being concerned with the content of my blog when I changed sites. I lost some readers, sure, but I feel so much freer!

    Sending you a hormone email! hehe that sounds weird!

  5. Am I cool with this? HECK YES! I'm so excited to see where your blog goes and no matter what, I'll always be here reading it and loving whatever it is you post. :)

    About the whole period and whatnot.. if you figure something out, let me know. My period is extremely out of whack and has been for almost.. 3 years now I think. I rarely ever get it anymore and went almost an entire year without it once. The doctor's tried putting me on one of the BC pills high in estrogen and while that worked, I'm no longer taking it as I want to find out WHY I don't have it.

  6. "really, i'm incredibly, amazingly thrilled with life."

    This made me smile from ear to ear! ;)

    I'm excited to see how your blog progresses!!

  7. I am very cool with that :) It sounds like you are very happy with where you are now, and that makes me smile. I couldn't be happier for you!! I really hope the unavoidable pain doesn't stay too long, though. Fingers crossed for ya!

  8. Sounds like a rough time with your health, girl. Take care, God bless, you're amazing and beautiful and strong and I wuv you! & love what the future is holding for your blog, sounds wonderful, for real :D

  9. I am most certainly cool with that!


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